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Membership Terms and Conditions


Membership Deposit: To become a Musart Co-Create member, a security deposit of $1000 is required. This deposit is refundable in full if the member decides to terminate their membership.


Membership Duration: Membership requires a commitment to a minimum one-year period.


Membership Discount Entitlement: Upon becoming a member, you will be able to book venues and at a 50% discount. For instance, members pay $50 per hour for booking the Concert Hall, instead of the usual $100.


Exclusive Membership Benefits: The benefits of discounted bookings and access to venues and studios are exclusive to the member. Bookings cannot be made under another user's name using the member's privileges.


Refund of Deposit: If a member chooses to discontinue their membership after the one-year period, their $1000 security deposit will be fully refunded.


Renewal: Membership will automatically renew unless a member opts out or provides notice of termination before the end of the membership period.


Additional Terms: Musart Co-Create reserves the right to modify terms and conditions, venue availability, or membership privileges with adequate notice to all members.


By signing up as a member, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Contact us to become a member now! 

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